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September 14, 2017

How to help girls from unprivileged towns and neighborhoods get educated? essay sample

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Write my women's and gender essayMillions of children in the world do not attend schools merely because they are girls. In many countries, poverty, security, or cultural principles make room only for boys in the classroom depriving girls of their basic human right. Recently, many educational initiatives were launched to help girls in African countries get a primary and secondary education. Poor sanitation is the first reason repelling girls from schools in the developing world. Even when there are no cultural and religious reasons to stay at home, girls cannot attend classes with the other children because there are no separate latrines. To help these girls, international non-profit organizations work to improve basic infrastructure by drilling water wells and installing separate latrines at schools.
In 2015, the Obama Administration took the first steps to address the issue of girls who stay out of school worldwide. In response to the evidence that 98 million adolescent girls are denied the access to education around the world, the US government started “Let Girls Learn” international initiative. In a year, USAID invested over $600 million in subsidiary programs aimed to empower girls in 13 countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Programs addressed issues within home, school, and community that prevent girls from attending schools and completing secondary education. In the fiscal year 2017, the initiative expanded to 9 more countries, and today Let Girls Learn operates in 44 countries across the developing world.
Empowering women is often a cultural issue, and many social groups still have to face the fact that smart and educated women are their future. Everything starts from the desire of parents to educate their children, both boys and girls.


How do the female hormones protect women from heart disease? essay sample

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Write my female health essayEstrogen is not only essential for reproduction. In general, this hormone makes everything possible to keep women’s body intact in her reproductive age. The cardiovascular system greatly benefits from the presence of estrogen in the body. The female sex hormone increases the level of “good” cholesterol, decreases the “bad” cholesterol, makes blood vessels smooth, and neutralizes free radicals and other particles that can damage the vessels. The action of estrogen explains women are actually more resilient to heart disease than men.
As the level of estrogen and progestin drops with age, women in menopause are much more susceptible to heart disease. To relieve nasty physiological symptoms of menopause and to protect their body, women approaching menopause take hormonal replacement therapy. Despite the positive effect of estrogen, HRT has proven to be not safe during menopause. The long-term replacement therapy actually increases the risk of coronary disease and breast cancer for women in menopause even more.
A natural decline in estrogen production can hardly be compensated when the body is out of its reproductive phase. The magic that kept a woman’s body intact vanishes as many physical processes fade. Now it is the time to follow a healthy lifestyle and stick to a healthy diet. Menopause does not cause stroke or coronary disease by itself; it just complicates the functioning of a woman’s body bringing more health challenges. When there is little estrogen, it is the time to exclude low density “bad” cholesterol. A proper diet and moderate exercise can do the job estrogen did before.


Do women with higher testosterone levels have an athletic advantage compared to women whose testosterone levels are not high? essay sample

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Write my female health essaySome women do not need to take performance-enhancing drugs to elevate their testosterone level. The high amount of this androgen is the most common hormone disorder in females. Millions of women in the US alone suffer from elevated testosterone that causes enough troubles to them. Acne, irregular menstrual cycles, and male pattern balding are perhaps the most routine manifestations of the excessive testosterone. A female body starts producing more testosterone if a woman has an insulin resistance or hypothyroidism. Such inevitable factors as stress and lack of sleep also stimulate the production of male hormones. As a result, a female body is more resilient and capable to cope with stress. These are precisely the factors women need during sports competitions.
Researchers from France and Monaco studied the correlation between the testosterone level in female athletes and their performance. They found that high testosterone level triggered 2-3 percent better performance in 400- and 800-meter runs as well as in hurdles and pole vault. High testosterone gave extra 5 percent to the performance of women in hammer throw events, which is quite a lot. Even a small percentage of extra performance sufficiently increases athlete’s chances to win. That is why sports organizations disqualify competitors with high testosterone levels.
Despite the advantage of women with high levels of testosterone, the Court of Arbitration for Sports lifted the ban issued by the International Association of Athletics Federation. Indian sprinter Dutee Chand who has naturally high levels of testosterone won the case to allow women like herself to compete in sports. Besides control and regulation, there must be ethics in sports regarding natural specifics of the human body.


Is present educational system capable of creating geniuses? essay sample

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write my edu essayEvery parent wants their child to be an extraordinary person at least in academics. They demand a lot from children and their teachers trying to push the offspring into some worthy extracurriculars at the same time. But external factors can hardly expand our capacity to do extraordinary things. It is our own motivation that helps us discover our potential and develop it further.
Creating a genius is the task of nature. We only can choose to develop in some spheres that we like most. The current educational system can evoke an essential interest and show some students that they are more skillful than peers. Parents and tutors can also help students reveal their inclinations making the first steps in school subjects, arts, or sports. There is an excess of interesting material for all academic fields on the web, and it is much easier to make the child interested in science or engineering today.
Capacities for education and self-development are very broad today, but it is rather the achievement of technology than educators. We have not so many teachers who can make the child fall in love with their subject, and that is the great problem for schools. But those students who know what they want can access plenty of schools and colleges where their ambition will be the most cherished. Many schools also hunt for students with extraordinary skills to make them a potential jewel in the collection of noted scientists. It is a great honor to teach students who can learn beyond the school curriculum. But again, it is important for children to discover their potential first.


How can we modernize education to make it more appealing? essay sample


Write my edu essayToday education is appealing for the few students who really enjoy their studying. They are smart kids who can learn fast and are an example for their mates. But not all students are like them. The majority struggles to some extent with everyday tasks, and the more subjects they get, the harder education goes. To make everyday schooling more appealing and motivating, we shall make it more comfortable in the first place.
Today improving the curriculum became synonymous to making it more complicated. But stuffing the timetable with subjects will not work as educators expect. A working day of children and teachers does not extend as the demands rise, and the academic pressure exceeds yet in the middle school. Principals shall make their curricula more balanced today. Students can study some disciplines in the classroom, the others – online. If kids have a lot of homework, they can take no more than 4 different subjects a day so it is worth arranging double classes.
Though a school can ease the pressure on their schedule, they cannot make students less bored in the class. It is the task of a teacher. Educators are too busy to bring something inventive into the class and shift their responsibilities to self-study. It would be much better to give more freedom to teachers in modern schools. To release them from excessive paperwork and allow them to make creative and interesting classes.
It appears that modernization of schools is not always about buying laptops and tabs for all. Schools shall certainly be equipped with as many digital devices as teachers require but computers can change nothing without humans. It is time for teachers to evaluate their lessons and make them more productive.